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We are an ActiveCampaign Agency Partner

What is ActiveCampaign?

A scalable sales and marketing automation tool, ideal for small to medium businesses.

Why do we recommend ActiveCampaign?

Salesforce and Microsoft integration

Ideal for B2B companies

Ease of use

What ActiveCampaign features do our clients like most?

Lead scoring

This feature is a must-have for all B2B companies and it is appreciated by all our clients. Lead scoring enables B2B marketers to validate the quality of the leads before passing to sales. Scores can be based on the content your visitors read on your website, information they download, or how they engage with e-mails or newsletters.

Lead qualification for sales

This is another best-selling B2B feature. Lead qualification is done by tags and scores which are added to the lead based on the interaction with your brand. From the tags your sales representative quickly understands the lead’s areas of interest and the scores indicate how hot the leads are.

Sales funnel management

Our B2B clients increase their efficiency considerably by using marketing automation for their sales funnel management. Simple mails are sent automatically, leads are forwarded to the right regional representative and inactive customers are engaged. Just three examples.

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