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Looking for the ideal B2B Loyalty Program?

Whether you are planning to create a Professional Incentive Program for your distributors, retailers or independent partners to increase their knowledge, loyalty to your brand or performance, you need to have an experienced partner to define your strategy and provide efficient tools.

B2B businesses deal with fewer clients, as opposed to B2C companies, therefore retaining and improving the performance of each client is integral to their success.

Customer retention refers to a brand’s ability to gain repeat business from a customer. A loyalty program is a great way to improve customer retention and keep existing partners happy and loyal. Customer loyalty goes beyond financial transactions. Loyalty means growth while retention means fighting decline.But a loyalty program is only efficient if it is designed strategically and carefully.

How Are B2B Loyalty Programs
Different from B2C ones?

Deeper Personalization

B2B programs address a relatively small member base, therefore a much more advanced PERSONALIZATION is required. In addition to personalized communication, custom-tailored rewards and benefits should be designed and offered.

Reflecting Brand Values

B2B partnership is a long term relationship, therefore short term benefits are less motivating. Companies chose long term partners based on their brand values, as a result these need to be reflected in the loyalty program.

Engagement over Purchase

While B2C companies focus on mass appeal in order to make as many customers as happy as possible, linked to their purchases, a B2B loyalty program focuses on keeping specific clients engaged, to deepen existing relationships.

Membership by Invitation

B2C loyalty programs tend to be free for anyone to join. B2B loyalty programs, on the other hand, require a signed partnership agreement, a business plan with defined targets, or at least one completed purchase to sign up.

Choose the right Loyalty logic for your brand and customers

Give your partners the reward that best suits your industry and brand

Sales Training
Credit limit
Demo pool
Market Dev. Fund
Priority Support
Why Choose AI6 as your B2B Loyalty Program Partner?
B2B Business Experience

We have 20+ years of international B2B business experience therefore we understand your objectives and can provide you with efficient, custom-tailored loyalty strategies.

Automation Specialists 

Our team consists of B2B loyalty and marketing automation experts therefore we can transform the strategies chosen for your objectives into powerful, measurable tactics.

Mastering Technologies

We find the best technology to support your digital strategy. We develop and partner with leading technology companies to create a solution, tailored for your exact need.

Extensive Customer List 

We have been working with leading international B2B companies, providing them with integrated digital marketing services covering needs from lead generation to loyalty.

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