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Are you losing business because your products and services are not represented properly on your Channel Partner’s website?

OCTOPUS allows your Channel Partners to set-up a website dedicated to your brand in a few hours. You have the power to manage the content centrally, with limited resources for any size of network.
The result? Coherent information, homogenous brand image and ultimately more sales leads.

Get into synergy with your Channel Partners to beat the competition

One of the major challenges of a Corporation, working worldwide is to manage and control coherent communication with its Channel Partners. As the network expands, controlling your brand and managing product information becomes an overwhelming challenge. In addition, acquiring sales leads gets too complex.

The lack of synergy between you and your Channel Partners results in hundreds of lost opportunities.

COHERENCY of information is at risk when you work with an extensive network of channel partners. Octopus’s centralized control panel allows you to publish information simultaneously to all your partners’ portals or to groups of them, organised by brands, or language. Updating your product catalogue or launching new products have never been easier or faster.

BRAND is one of the most important assets of your business. Managing and controlling it is therefore crucial.
Octopus allows you to monitor and control your brand across the websites of your extensive channel partner network. It also lets you manage your Brand Identity and allows Competitor Benchmarking.

QUALIFIED SALES LEADS are the bread and butter of every business. Efficient websites, with clear call to actions can bring you more of them. With Octopus you can use your entire channel partner network to create quality sales leads for your brand and start nurturing them with regular newsletters

Let's create value together

How does it work?

Together we discuss your exact needs and finalize the new channel partner portal’s general templates. Once completed, you simply send your partners a link to the Registration Page so they can submit their basic customization preferences, like colors, layout, and represented brands.

The new portal is active within 5 days and your partner receives the instructions and access to complete the customization with his local content and upload it. In any country, in any language.

Once your channel partner’s portal is active you can publish information simultaneously from a centralized control panel or update your product catalogue effortlessly on all sites. You can also gather sales leads from your partners’ portals and start nurturing them with regular newsletters.

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What do you gain with the Octopus platform?

Enhanced brand awareness on foreign markets

Enhanced brand credibility to generate more commercial leads

Motivated dealers to distribute brands, products and skills

Data integration between you and your channel partners

A strong digital global presence to attract competitive foreign channel partners

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Brands Benefiting from OCTOPUS

The project aims to provide dealers with all the tools they need to work in the best possible conditions, reducing operating costs, increasing profitability and boosting their image.

Antonio SalvaterraMarketing Director of Argo Tractors

Let's create value together