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We are challengers, explorers and innovators and we want to share that with you

Our Core Values

Act as one

We succeed together, and we work together as one team to solve challenges. We communicate openly and directly; we confront and overcome problems rather than ignoring them.

Challenge the SQ

We think outside the box. This applies not only to management, but to every individual, to initiate, strive to innovate, and improve by developing creative ideas into revolutionary results.

Always Open

We need to be faster, better, and change at a pace quicker than our industry. We cease to exist when we stop evolving and embracing change as the opportunity it is.

Think Big

We can’t get where we’re going unless we can already see ourselves there. Learn to be confident and have vision for where you can go.

AI6 is not a dime a dozen digital marketing company.

We are a group of international, highly skilled marketing professionals who listen to customers’ pains, are able to interpret their data and understand their business objectives. Our team is data driven and customer focused, keen to measure, analyse and improve. We develop technologies and integrate our services into solutions, tailored for our customer needs to boost their digital maturity.

Ultimately we are passionate about making our clients successful in the short and long run.






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