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Sales opportunities slipping through the cracks?

Add B2B marketing automation to your sales process and close far more deals, efficiently.

Why is Customer Experience Automation important for B2B companies?

B2B Marketing Automation or Customer Experience Automation refers to the usage of software to streamline and automate the sales pipeline and to create automated processes with personalized content based on behavioral data.

It enables the marketing team to provide sales with highly qualified, warmed-up leads, and the sales team with an efficient, partly automated sales process.

Both increases operational efficiency and provides the management with measurable results, therefore it is a must-have for all data-first marketers and B2B businesses aiming to prosper and grow revenue faster.

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How can marketing automation help your business?

Increase productivity

Imagine segmenting your customers and sending thousands of messages manually, every day. Using marketing automation allows your team to be faster, and more efficient in focusing on content creation and strategy.

Reduce costs

Grow the efficiency of your sales team. Why pay for separate digital tools if an all-in-one marketing automation software can replace your mail marketing, on-site automation, and CRM? Reduce your license costs.

Qualify your leads

Marketing automation qualifies your online leads by allocating tags and scores based on the visitor’s activity and creating segments based on their interest. Your sales team won’t waste time on poor-quality leads.

Increase customer loyalty

Customer loyalty goes beyond financial transactions. Loyal customers do not just buy more but advocate the brand to other potential clients, by recommending it to friends, and sharing posts with colleagues.

Increase the efficiency of your sales team

Increase the efficiency of your sales team

Increase the efficiency of your sales team

Increase the efficiency of your sales team

Increase the efficiency of your sales team

don’t waste time on poor-quality leads

don’t waste time on poor-quality leads

don’t waste time on poor-quality leads

don’t waste time on poor-quality leads

don’t waste time on poor-quality leads

Welcome Series

A welcome email can help warm up new prospects faster and push them further through the sales funnel. They have an average open rate of 30.69%, that is 70% higher than a usual email campaign.

Lead Scoring

Start using lead scoring to validate the quality of your leads. Update scores based on calls, email engagement, and site activity, so you always know which leads are ready to talk to your team.

Lead Nurturing

Most prospects are not ready to buy. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. Automation can convert your lukewarm leads into hot prospects at scale.

Sales Process Automation

Add automation to your sales process and close more deals, without any extra effort or manual management of time-consuming processes. You can grow without extending the sales team. The smart way to scale.


Customers marketed through emails spend 138% more than people who do not receive emails because sales newsletters encourage customers to think about you more often than they would normally do.

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Why choose AI6 as your Marketing Automation Partner?

Business Experience

We have 20+ years of B2C and B2B business experience therefore we understand your objectives and can help you with efficient, custom-tailored digital marketing strategies.

Engagement Experts

Our team consists of certified marketing automation specialists therefore we can transform the strategies chosen for your objectives into powerful, measurable tactics.

Mastering Technologies

We find the best technology to support your strategy and budget. We develop and partner with leading technology companies to create solutions tailored for your exact need.

Extensive Customer List

We have been working with a long list of leading B2C and B2B companies, providing them with marketing automation services covering needs from lead generation to loyalty.

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