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Empty stadiums? Unsold tickets?

Why is Marketing Automation important for your sports club?

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How can marketing automation help your sports club?

Generate leads

One of the main challenges sport clubs face is how to get more leads or supporters online. Marketing automation can turn anonymous visitors into registered contacts using banners, pop-ups or live chat.

Save on advertising

Create segmented audiences based on which game your fans attended or what products they bought and make considerable savings on your Google or META ADS. Sending the right message boosts conversion.

Increase conversion rate

You can create highly personalised content for your fans with marketing automation. This increases all major conversion rate metrics, above all Sales Conversion Rate. Higher conversion means more sales.

Increase customer lifetime value

Marketing automation armed with Artificial Intelligence increases successfully fan engagement. With personalised cross sell and upsell campaigns you can easily grow the value and frequency of purchases.

Increase your fans’ loyalty

Your fans’ loyalty goes far beyond their financial transactions. Loyal fans are the most essential asset of any club, therefore increasing loyalty through fan engagement should be your first priority.

Reinforce your fans’ passion and loyalty

Reinforce your fans’ passion and loyalty

Reinforce your fans’ passion and loyalty

Reinforce your fans’ passion and loyalty

Reinforce your fans’ passion and loyalty

with omnichannel fan engagement

with omnichannel fan engagement

with omnichannel fan engagement

with omnichannel fan engagement

with omnichannel fan engagement

Monitoring Anonymous Visitors

An advanced marketing Automation tool allows you to monitor anonymous visitors on your club’s website or online store and to convert them into contacts, who can later become active, engaged fans.

Co-marketing Offers

By segmenting your fans based on the information they share with you or you discover, you can create specific clusters and make co-marketing offers with Sponsors matching their interests and need.

Cross selling

Omnichannel marketing can be a powerful way to cross-sell merchandise or a meal deal to your existing supporter, who has already bought tickets for the match. Send a special promotion by Whatsapp or sms.

Birthday mails

Birthday emails are perfect for developing fan relationships, increasing loyalty or making additional sales. Send a promotional code through email or WhatsApp to be claimed in the stadium or store.

Upsell series

Offer a complementary product to your existing supporters. Marketing automation creates the most relevant and irresistible offers based on your fan’s previous online purchases and the match results.


Too many inactive fans? Re Engage them with automated workflows. Send relevant messages about their favourite players or offer them personalised promotion. This type of campaign helps to fill the stadium.

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Why choose AI6 as your Customer Engagement Partner?

Business Experience

We have 20+ years of B2C and B2B business experience therefore we understand your objectives and can help you with efficient, custom-tailored digital marketing strategies.

Engagement Experts

Our team consists of certified marketing automation specialists therefore we can transform the strategies chosen for your objectives into powerful, measurable tactics.

Mastering Technologies

We find the best technology to support your strategy and budget. We develop and partner with leading technology companies to create solutions tailored for your exact need.

Extensive Customer List

We have been working with a long list of leading B2C and B2B companies, providing them with marketing automation services covering needs from lead generation to loyalty.

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