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Sports Associations

It’s not the owner, manager or star player that is the biggest asset for any sports club, but instead, it is the fans.
Without them, the whole sports club from bottom to top becomes redundant.

Fan engagement is somewhat of a new term in the marketing world with limited literature on the subject, however, its significance cannot be undervalued.

It is integral for any person who has a crucial role in the sports club to understand how best to communicate and engage with the fans effectively.

Establishing long-term relationships with fans will prove to be pivotal to sustain the success of any club, and we cannot rely solely on the fans to be loyal, a strong emotive bond must develop. There is a responsibility within the club to maintain and enhance this bond, and this is where engagement comes into play.

One of the big challenges in the sports industry is the strong influence of an unpredictable factor such as the sporting outcome on the revenues. A highly engaged fan base is much more likely to keep attending games and buying merchandise, even if the results are not good.

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Industry Challenges

Life with


Events got cancelled or moved online, forcing fans to follow. Can the clubs keep the fans engaged or will they lose them?

Lack of

360° Fanview

Clubs do not know their fans, do not understand where they are on the fan life cycle and therefore are unable to engage them.

Low Digital


In most parts of Europe the majority of sports clubs suffer from low digital maturity and a very slowly evolving data-driven culture.

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