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Does your business suffer from low customer retention?

Build a stronger connection between customers and your brand with a unique loyalty program and increase your retention rate by over 50%.

Loyalty today is more than just offering plastic customer loyalty cards and some points. Your loyalty strategy should be built around what you know about your customers. Only then can you reward them and incentivize new behaviors in the most effective and efficient way.

Being a certified partner of ANTAVO, one of the most advanced omnichannel Loyalty Platforms, we can help you reach your goals whether you are a pure eCommerce or a retailer. Implementing the Loyalty Program that fits your brand will deliver an experience that your customers will truly love.

Features you should look for when
selecting a Loyalty Program

Reward beyond points

Reward points are great incentives, but some advanced platforms even allow you to spice up the program by creating a loyal brand community, increasing the social media engagement and discovering brand advocates.

Apply in-store features

Are you a retailer? Consider applying advanced in-store technologies, including the Mobile Wallet or Loyalty Experience Kiosk to connect the online and offline world.

Value customer behavior

Buying your products should not be the only thing to reward your customers for. Award them for recycling their old garments, completing sport challenges, writing reviews or referring friends.

Experience & Exclusivity

Offer customers an unforgettable loyalty experience with VIP clubs and high-end incentives. Use behavioral mechanics to enhance personalization.

Choose the right Loyalty logic for your brand and customers

Give your local customers the reward that they really aspire to

Give your local customers the reward that they really aspire to

Who says coupons are the only reward you can offer? Set up a full list of reward types, specify customer segments that rewards are available for, and define any limitation and/or requirements to unlock them.

Physical item
Virtual badge

Generate Excitement with
Omnichannel Gamification

Engage your customers using five exciting methods to improve their customer experience and build true loyalty.
  • Reward sharing store pages
  • Launch a photo submission contest on Instagram
  • Encourage referrals
  • Incentivize product reviews
  • Ask customers to rate product photos
  • Encourage customers to read blog posts or watch videos
  • Put an element of fun into your loyalty program by using prize wheel or quizzes
  • Run cost-effective contests to reduce the number of unspent points
  • Create exciting sweepstakes
  • Drive footfall with in-store treasure hunts
  • Identify your most loyal customers on a leaderboard
  • Gamify the customer experience with collectible badges.
  • Design a VIP group centered around a popular product or service.
  • Track athletic activity and reward customers for running or working out. 
  • Offer points for sustainable behavior
  • Support your brand’s goals with custom actions, such as tracking product wear with smart chips, encouraging product recycling, or using your store’s wishlist feature.



Antavo is a leading loyalty technology provider that builds comprehensive loyalty programs for brands retailers and shopping malls.

Antavo was listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Loyalty Management

Antavo was included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing Q4 2020 report

Loyalty Case Study

Read how the family-owned Italian enterprise turned to us for loyalty strategy to increase customer retention and to build emotional loyalty

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