Have you got too much unconnected data?

Still don’t know who your fans are and how to engage them?

FANVIEW integrates and visualizes your data on
easy-to-read dashboards and dynamically segments your fans so you can send hyper- personal, relevant messages wherever they are on their fan journey.

Knowing your Fanbase,
Growing your Fanbase

Until a supporter is just a name in your database, until you don’t know how to touch his heart he might never become your true, loyal fan. He knows everything about your club, so maybe it is time you start to know him better with FANVIEW Fanbase Data Platform .

We integrate your available data sources and connect your customer touchpoints into a powerful data management software so you can enjoy immediate data and insights from multiple sources in a single picture. Whether you need accumulative reporting of the club’s revenue by source or to understand how many active or inactive fans you have, Fanview can give you the answer in real time, presented on easy to read dashboards.

Armed with an accurate view of each customer, your business teams can spend more time on fan engagement and creating campaigns that speak to the right customer at the right time, through the right channel. The result?

Excited fans, packed stadiums, higher ticket sales.


Monitor your merchandising sales online and in store


Analyse your ticket sales and understand your supporters’ spending power


Segment your fans based on their membership status and monitor their loyalty during their customer journey


Profile your fans by behaviour and spending power to create higher value for your sponsors

Gather and Segment your Fan Data
for a 360° View

FANVIEW transforms all your online and offline data into easy-to-read, dynamic dashboards to provide a complete overview of your revenue and fanbase.
It segments the data of your supporters and fans by source, fan journey, customer life cycle or monetary, providing invaluable insights for the management to decide its next strategy and the marketing team to work out the next campaign.

Use the Insights to engage and grow your fanbase with Marketing Automation

Add value to your Insights by turning them into immediate actions. Integrate your Fanbase Data Platform with a Marketing Automation tool to engage and grow your fanbase.

Use the Insights to engage and grow your fanbase with Marketing Automation

Add value to your Insights by turning them into immediate actions. Integrate your Fanbase Data Platform with a Marketing Automation tool to engage and grow your fanbase.
Create highly personalised marketing campaigns for each fan cluster. Why should you communicate the same way with a 12 year-old boy and an ultras?
Feel Special

Send your fans a message with a special discount or reward on their birthday. Everyone likes to feel special.


Increase the conversion of your online store with personalised campaigns. Did you know that Welcome emails generate on average upto 320% more revenue than other promotional emails?


Reach your fans before and during the match day on their preferred touchpoint with relevant messages and offers. Some prefer communicating on Whatsapp others on Facebook. Engage them on their preferred communication platform.


Send your fans a message when a player scores a winner goal and offer his jersey with a special, time limited discount. Relevancy is the key to engagement.


Segmentation is the first step for personalized, relevant messages.

  • Segment your supporters by their stage on their customer journey. 
  • Create groups by buying power or shopping/engagement  frequency
  • Build fan clusters by age, sex or membership type.


Market and sell to individuals instead of the masses. With a complete & current view of fans, you can build groups across multiple data sets in minutes and provide personal offers.

  • Reward your fans based on their loyalty and engagement level or frequency and monetary values instead of giving away mass discounts
  • Send messages based on interests and preferences using dynamic content
  • Attract customers with relevant offers based on their behavior on your site
  • Create Pop-ups, landing pages and push notifications with personalized content 
  • Deliver 1-2-1 content using recommendation iFrames to showcase merchandises relevant to the upcoming event


Make sure your fans receive your important updates immediately through their favourite communication channel.

  • Send your supporters seasonal updates and order confirmations automatically
  • Notify fans of any event changes or alterations 
  • Activate custom messages on match or competition days
  • Create intelligent workflows based on your fans responses and choices for a hyper-personalized communication.


Improve performance by optimizing each message. Find out what works and what doesn’t, so each campaign hits the mark.

  • Track the results of your messages and evaluate the open and engagement rates
  • Find out at what time and on which day the messages get the most interest
  • Monitor each activity through dedicated dashboards
  • Get a crystal clear picture of your club’s results by source of revenue
  • Understand at a glance who your fans are
  • Increase your sponsorship revenue by sharing valuable fanbase information with your sponsors

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