Do your customers leave your brand and go to your competitor after just one purchase?

We help you engage them with highly personalised, relevant messages and offers that grow their customer lifetime value

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the usage of a software to automate repetitive sales and marketing activities across multiple online and offline channels, including website, email, sms or social media. It is a must-have for all businesses aiming to grow and prosper. It enables B2B companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. For B2C companies it is the most essential tool to acquire new customers, segment and engage them with relevant messages and make them return with attractive, personalized offers.

How can marketing automation help your business?

Increase productivity

Imagine segmenting your customers and sending thousands of messages daily manually. Using marketing automation allows your team to be faster, more efficient focusing on content creation and strategy.

Reduce costs

Why pay for separate digital tools if an all-in-one marketing automation software can replace mail marketing, live chat and CRM subscriptions. Reduce your license and labour costs and achieve more.

Generate leads

One of the main challenges entrepreneurs face is how to get more leads/customers online. Marketing automation can turn anonymous visitors into registered contacts using banners, pop-ups or live chat.

Increase conversion rate

Marketing automation helps you increase major conversion rate metrics like Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Lead Conversion Rate and above all Sales Conversion Rate. Higher conversion means more sales.

Increase CLV

Marketing automation armed with Artificial Intelligence can successfully increase customer engagement and grow the frequency and value of purchases with personalised cross sell and upsell campaigns.

Increase customer loyalty

Customer loyalty goes beyond financial transactions. Loyal customers do not just buy more but advocate the brand to other potential clients, by recommending to friends, sharing posts or writing reviews.

Choose the right marketing automation strategy for your business

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Why choose AI6 as your Marketing Automation Partner?

Business Experience

We have 20+ years of B2C and B2B business experience therefore we understand your objectives and can help you with efficient, custom-tailored digital marketing strategies.

Automation Experts

Our team consists of certified marketing automation specialists therefore we can transform the strategies chosen for your objectives into powerful, measurable tactics.

Mastering Technologies

We find the best technology to support your strategy and budget. We develop and partner with leading technology companies to create solutions tailored for your exact need.

Extensive Customer List

We have been working with a long list of leading B2C and B2B companies, providing them with marketing automation services covering needs from lead generation to loyalty.

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