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We are a SALESmanago Diamond Partner

What is SALESmanago?

A feature-rich marketing automation platform, combining advanced analytics and AI automation.

Why do we recommend SALESmanago?

GDPR compliance

True Omnichannel tool

Broad range of features

What SALESmanago features do our clients like most?

AI optimization based on contact activity

Reaching the customers on the right channel at the right time considerably improves conversion rates. Salesmanago uses artificial intelligence to send messages by e-mail or sms to your customers at the time when they are the most responsive.

Chat bot

Our clients save a lot of time and money by using Salesmanago’s Chat Bot feature. It allows them to create advanced workflows with conversation scenarios in which the bot provides clients with answers to questions asked. It can also increase sales conversion by using 1-to-1 product recommendations during automatic conversations.

Widget Social proof

Knowing that other people are also looking at the product you are considering, creates urgency. Salesmanago’s Social proof widget uses this psichological fact. The feature allows you to display simple notifications on the product page that show other user’s interest in the product.

Let’s create value together