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We are a CONNECTIF Certified Partner

What is Connectif?

A scalable, AI powered personalization engine and CDP for data-driven marketers to boost sales.

Why do we recommend Connectif?

Best value for money

Saving on advertising

Extremely fast integration

What Connectif features do our clients like most?

Monitoring anonymous visitors

Over 85% of the visitors of an e-commerce site are anonymous, therefore gathering and storing their data is essential. Connectif monitors anonymous visitors, stores all their behavioral data, and when the contact registers, it populates it with all the historical data, allowing highly personalized content from the start.

Intelligent Recommendations

Connectif offers one of the most powerful, AI-based marketing automation features even to entry-level customers: the Intelligent Recommendations. These might be the most popular products, or the ones your customers have seen, bought, or liked. You can embed the product frames into your mail or visualize them on your website. Remember: personalized content boosts conversion.

Advanced dynamic segmentation

A study by Gartner finds that brands risk losing 38 percent of their existing customer base due to poor personalization efforts. Connectif  offers its users advanced, dynamic segmentation, like RFM segmentation, that allows you to send hyper-personalized messages and offers, with high conversion rates.

Data First Approach

If you are an advanced user with data first approach you can set up and personalize dashboards that answer crucial questions about the trends in sales, channels, or products and adjust your strategies according to the results. A gem for data first marketers.

Live streaming events engine

This unique feature allows you to create unlimited workflows that respond in real-time and maintain the context of every conversation. As a result, you may communicate in every channel at scale and with true emotional intelligence.

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