From bicycling shop-to-shop promoting products to advanced community engagement with micro influencers

The Stuffer Story

Italian nationwide dairy brand turned to us for strategy and implementation to grow their brand recognition and consumer base.

The story of the well-known Stuffer brand goes back to the early 1900 when the young Heinrich Stuffer was riding around the area of Bolzano on his bycicle promoting locally produced quality food.
60 years later his son, Klaus founded the company, aiming to produce high quality dairy products. Focusing on innovation and quality, today the Bolzano based business produces 300 different products, over 50,000 tonnes of dairy products a year, distributed all over the country.

The fast growth rate of the food and beverage industry and increasing volume of consumption makes it a more competitive landscape than most others. Brand awareness and highly efficient ways of reaching out to prospects and converting them are crucial even for highly successful brands, like Stuffer.

Social media is one of the most lucrative channels for the food and beverage sector, while collaborating with Food Bloggers is also an important, vertical specific tactic.

To combine the two tactics we created the event called “In the kitchen with Stuffer”, where a celebrity food blogger prepares innovative dishes using Stuffer products and the participating mini influencers share the culinary experience with their followers and engage them to like, comment, and share the video recipes.
The events, organized twice a year, for the last 3 years, have been a great success, growing a community of 21 Food bloggers in love with the brand, producing an average of 220 user generated content per year. As a result the number of social media postings has been doubled, exceeding 480 posts per year, half of them created by the community.

Stuffer has doubled its brand without major investments, leading to an increase in awareness to 3,5 million people, over 500,000 interactions and a 129% increase in commitment compared to normal activity on social networks.

From a qualitative point of view, the generated content is an authentic material of inestimable value and the power of exposure of food bloggers to the community is a driving force of authenticity and visibility that is hard to buy.

Marketing automation, if combined with the right strategy is a powerful and efficient tool that allows the customer’s marketing team to focus on the creative content.

It also allows you to segment the customers so they receive relevant, personalized mailsinstead of boring or even annoying messages. And finally top management can measure the efficiency and profitability of each campaign.
Barena Venezia has achieved outstanding results in a record time with the help of our team.In just 5 months their database has increased by 162%, their orders by 117% and their monthly online sales by over 54%. Their secondary goals have also been reached: the number of returning customers started to increase (+6%) and the website’s conversion rate has increased by a mindblowing 0,3%. And this is just the start.


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“We are proud to be an innovative company. Finding a partner, like AI6, who is equally innovative and understands how to achieve measurable results has been a key to the steady online growth of our brand.”

Michael Siller - Product Manager & Marketing, STUFFER

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