Acqua dell’Elba


Following the dream to share the essence of the sea and all of its beauty around the world

The Acqua dell’Elba Story

The family-owned Italian enterprise turned to us for loyalty strategy to increase customer retention and to build emotional loyalty.

The Italian perfume brand was founded at the end of the ‘90s by siblings Fabio, Chiara and Marco. They dreamt to recreate on the island of Elba the magic of Tuscan Renaissance workshops, through the excellence of the best master perfumers. Today, 21 years later, Acqua dell’Elba boasts 27 branded shops and a distribution network comprising 580 high-quality perfume shops all over Italy. Their next dream is to export the essence of the sea and all of its beauty elsewhere around the world through their online store.

The company was looking for creating a seamless experience for its customers across all channels, building Emotional Loyalty and last but not least increasing the customer retention.

To achieve these ambitious goals they opted for an advanced, omnichannel loyalty platform, ANTAVO, that has already improved Italian-born fashion retailer, LuisaViaRoma’s retention rate by 59%. The platform, however, is just an empty toolbox without the right loyalty strategy and the entire investment risks to fail.

Loyalty Strategy requires high level marketing skills, broad business experience and a good knowledge of the platform. Our senior strategists partnered with the marketing team of Acqua dell’Elba, to create a loyalty strategy with actionable steps.

Getting to know the customers was the first challenge that they resolved with a Customer Personas workshop and analyses. The workshop and interviews then allowed our loyalty strategist to plan the customer journey and create an advanced, hybrid program, built exactly around the customers of Acqua dell’Elba.
Mixing multiple elements from Earn & Burn, Tiered, and Perks Program types resulted in a completely unique and personalised loyalty program that fits the brand’s business strategy best and brings the highest results.
Following implementation and integration of online and offline data, the Loyalty Program will be launched during the summer of 2021. We expect the first results by the end of 2021. We are confident that Acqua dell’Elba customers will love the loyalty program since it has been designed uniquely for them.

Marketing automation, if combined with the right strategy is a powerful and efficient tool that allows the customer’s marketing team to focus on the creative content.

It also allows you to segment the customers so they receive relevant, personalized mails
instead of boring or even annoying messages. And finally top management can measure the efficiency and profitability of each campaign.
Barena Venezia has achieved outstanding results in a record time with the help of our team.
In just 5 months their database has increased by 162%, their orders by 117% and their monthly online sales by over 54%. Their secondary goals have also been reached: the number of returning customers started to increase (+6%) and the website’s conversion rate has increased by a mindblowing 0,3%. And this is just the start.




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“We have been truly impressed by the profound experience and marketing expertise of the AI6 team. From our very first meeting AI6 understood perfectly our needs to increase the customer retention and lifetime value. They are the ultimate loyalty strategy professionals: able to ask the right questions and to make strategic reflections about our answers. Their methodology, using strategic schemes will continue to serve us to build deeper emotional connections with our customers and grow our brand in Italy and beyond.”

Norman La Rocca - Marketing Director, Acqua Dell'Elba

We are a group of highly skilled marketing professionals who listen to customers' pains, are able to interpret their data and understand their business objectives. We develop technologies and integrate our services into solutions, tailored for our customer needs to boost their digital maturity. Ultimately we are passionate about making our clients successful in the short and long run.